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Why Organic Cotton?

1. Better for humans

  • The US President's Cancer Panel have recently reported that (non-organic) farmers, workers and their families have a much higher rate of cancer than the rest of the population. In addition, children living near those communities have a significantly higher rate of leukeamia.
  • Only about 400 of the 80,000 chemicals used on US crops have been tested and found to be safe for humans. The EPA (USA) considers the majority of the top pesticides used on cotton as "likely" or "known" human carcinogens.
  • Skin is the largest absorptive human organ, and baby's skin is 5 times thinner than adults. Think about what we put on our skin. What are all those chemicals doing to our & our children's health?
  • Choose organic to reduce your and your children's exposure to harmfulchemicals and toxins. Don't take the risk!

2. Better for the environment

  • More pesticides are used on cotton than any other crop around the world. Pesticides harm soil organisms, freshwater ecosystems, fish, migratory species: insects, birds and mammals.
  • It only takes 5-6 years for a pest to develop a tolerance to a pesticide. Therefore, stronger (and potentially more harmful) chemicals are continually being developed.
  • In contrast, organic cotton farming rejects the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

3. Better quality fabric

  • Organic cotton is super-soft & gentle on baby's sensitive skin.
  • Organic clothing is easy to care for and withstands more "wear and tear".
  • Organic cotton fabrics are more absorbent of excess moisture.